Introduction to Calgary Digital Signage

Introduction to Calgary Digital Signage

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In your day to day life, you must have come across digital signage but not taken note that it is actually digital signage. Or you knew it was a sign and you would want to find out how it can help your business make more money.


Any kind of electronic display qualifies to be termed as digital signage. When you see the bank rates displayed on a monitor, that is digital signage, an advertisement on an electronic monitor on the street may also be referred to as digital signage, there are a number of forms of digital signage being employed today with a lot of innovation being put into it.

Using digital signage for your business

As people walk along the street, wait in line for service at a store or are held up in traffic, they have time to take in information. This information could be about a decision they are trying to make, for example, a person stark in traffic may be thinking what they can pick up from the grocery store. If you have a digital signage displayed where such a person can see and it is advertising a particular product that they may be interested in, chances are this person will try it out when they get to the grocery signage

You can, therefore, employ digital signage as a sales person. Or instead of having someone passing out flyers advertising your business, you can have a screen that draws people’s attention and then gives them that same information you would have on a flyer.

Because digital signage is flexible, you can use it in different ways, you can change the sequence in which the messages are displayed, you can determine the time a particular message is displayed and you can even change the message according to the seasons.

Converting Digital Signage into cash

When you are using digital signage for your business, it is usually with the ultimate goal of making money through attracting customers to your business. Each message you display is intended to market the business.nw sign makers

It is best to highlight features of your product or services that will draw customer’s attention and make them feel like they need that product or service. You do not need to be so formal, you can combine an entertaining display with information about the company. Remember however to include a call for action and make sure it stands out. A flashing phone with the words call now and the number of the business will make the business signage more effective.

The type of business you are running may determine what kind of message you will have, for example, a business that does video coverage may want to have a collection of different videos they have short while an auto mechanic may need to have a list of services they offer and a wedding planner may need to have many photographs.

Important TipsDigital_Signage_Big_Screen_on_Campus

Here are a few tips for preparing digital signage:

  • – Keep the message short and precise, do not include too many ideas that may overwhelm the target.
  • – Make sure the message you provide is informative and adds value to the targets life
  • – Always include a call to action once you have their attention and you have given them the information
  • – Contrasting colors help different ideas stand out.

In a nutshell, you need to evaluate your target, understand what will appeal to them and then execute this in a creative, informative and effective way.

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Ordering process for Multiple window displays

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Window decals that span across multiple large window panes are a great advertising tool that makes a big impression on everyone. Simply follow the instructions below to ensure proper measuring and ordering of a multi-window display decal.

1. First, measure the full size of the window sign (both width and height). Do not include metal or rubber surrounding the window in your measurements.nw digital signs

2. Next, measure each window pane in the same manner. Do not include the metal or rubber between the glass, but do include the space between each pan of glass.

3. Upload the date to The company has an easy ordering tool specifically used for ordering multi-window decals.

4. Once accurate measures are completed and uploaded, you feedback about your experience is requested.

Finish checking out and the entire process is done. In the end, you will have a beautiful graphic design that will look amazing in your store front window.

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